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I re-educate those who have been mis-informed on how to eat and move properly for weight loss and overall optimal health.


Where to start… I’ve had many ups and downs in my life regarding my weight and overall health. I was always a pretty fit and active kid growing up with the vision of being as strong and big as the hulk (the original hulk). However, life had other things in mind for me. Right before the beginning of my 8th grade year of school I signed up for the football team and within days of doing so, i started having some extreme pain in my knees that i had never felt before. The doctor diagnosed me with a bone growth disease within my knees called Osgood Slaughter that causes extreme pain but no damage. Long story short, I was severely made fun of that year and some of that stigma remained until it was finally abolished my Junior year when I was named one of our rotating varsity team captains for 2-3 games. To elaborate, by my 9th grade year the pain was gone but i still had to rebuild my reputation which wasn’t easy. For Christmas of my Sophomore year, my parents purchased for me a sports personal training package with Upper Limit. There i received one on one personal fitness training that basically changed my life. By the end of my Sophomore year i was much bigger and definitely stronger and my fellow team mates had taken notice and were no longer making fun of me. Ever since then, I have been acutely aware of how effective and personalized coaching can make a huge difference in a persons life.

I never made it over 200 pounds in high school but was strong and ripped. Within a few months of graduation however, my weight had finally risen above 200 pounds. By January of the the following year, I went on a 2 year mission for the Lord and got really good and doing push ups but was back under 200 pounds by the time I returned home because of all the walking and lack of actually weight lifting. After my mission, I begin power lifting again and was up to 225 pounds within a few months. About a year and half later I married and moved to Branson MO. and kept lifting but not a lot of cardio. For the next few years I continued lifting faithfully and was slowly growing bigger and stronger just as I always wanted. During this time I also managed a General Nutrition Center’s store for 3 years where I learned more about proper nutrition, nutritional supplements, and earned my Personal Training and sports nutrition specialist certificates from the International Professionals Association (IFPA) and have since trained well over 100 clients for the last 18 years. During my 25th year I got up to about 260 lbs. and hit a few power lifting PRs. I wasn’t ripped for sure, but I wasn’t visual overweight either. I still didn’t care about my weight or body fat percentage. I only cared about how much weight I could actually lift, specifically how much I could bench press and squat. I benched press 405 lbs. and squated 500 lbs. that year. However, after bench pressing 405 for the first time, I decided to go for a 2nd repetition. Bad decision. In so doing, I torn the labrum of my left shoulder. Soon after, I started to gain that excess body fat and loss that hard earned muscle mass. I continued to eat as I always had but could no longer exercise like I always had. I tried everything to fix it without surgery but with little or no success. Eventually I had surgery on the shoulder in hopes to return to my heavy weight lifting. My shoulder continued to ache when I lifted and seemed to take to long to heal. I became impatient with the recovery process and the unwanted weight gain so I decided to just go and do a lot of cardio instead eat better. In so doing, I got down to 213 pounds and felt pretty good. But I didn’t look that healthy and friends even wondered if I was sick or something because much of that weight loss came from muscle loss, specifically my upper body muscle. So, I loosened up on my eating a bit and began doing some light weight strength training and built my body weight back up to about 240-250 pounds. unfortunately, most of that weight gain was excess body fat not muscle. During this time, I began competing in endurance sports such as Adventure Racing and Triathlons to “find another goal” or distract myself from the power lifting I loved because the heavy weight lifting still bothered my shoulder and I felt humiliated for having lost all that muscle and strength I once had. As I did this, much of that excess fat I had started to accumulate began to melt off. But the other issue was that much of my hard earned muscle mass I had lost was not coming back even though I was swimming quite a bit and doing a little light weight strength training again. By 2012 my body weight had dropped down to a racing weight of 230 pounds. That was my best racing year but I still wanted my 25 year old hard earned muscle mass,strength and abs back.

Consequently, I stopped competing in those endurance sports and starting lifting again. I took my time to protect my shoulder and still swam, biked and ran often, but just for short cardio sessions and not to compete. Fast forward five years to 2017, some of my former strength was back which was making very happy but I also recognized that I had put on more body fat than ever before. I wasn’t too worried about it because my strength was slowly returning and I enjoyed the feeling of lifting some of that heavy weight again even though it was still my up to my PR levels. However, there started to appear little signs that maybe this excess body fat was actually worse than i thought. My right big toe went numb for a few months, I wasn’t sleeping very well, I couldn’t wear many of my clothes anymore. But the sign that really shook me was a picture of myself. My wife took a picture of me on our last cruise vacation as I was waiting in line to use the Flo Rider (as seen above). I was about 280 pounds in that picture and could not believe my eyes. That could not really be what I look like, could it? I did not even recognize myself. Furthermore, how could I, a trainer, fitness center manger and recently graduated health coach look like that and try to help others lose their weight and live healthier???!!! I had to do something and I had to do it right away.

So, I began applying the knowledge currently accepted as truth in our society and that I had been taught in school and as a Personal trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist to loss that excess weight. I basically started balancing my calories in vs calories out and following the myplate food guidelines and working out harder and longer. I was working out about 6 days a week 2 times a day on 3 of those days. Within the first month I lost 10-15 pounds but that weight loss soon plateaued. As I continued plugging forward, I began feeling extremely tired and run down. About 3 months in fearing another injury due to the new more intense training regime including the “2-a-day” workouts I was following, I began searching for an easier, healthier and more sustainable program to lose my excess weight (specifically body fat) and keep it off forever. I found that program or a version of it, during my studies as a health coach with IIN and PHCI. Yes, there are general guidelines that apply to everyone but during my education as a health coach I learned that those general guidelines I was originally taught and that are still promoted by our medical, education and government agencies today were in fact making me and many others fat and unhealthy. But most importantly, I learned better general guidelines based on ancestral principles supported by thousands of years of our existence. I also learned that these new healthy ancestral based general guidelines still must but adapted and dialed in specifically for me and my needs and that each individual would need to do the same and that those adjustments will most likely need to be tweaked regularly in the weeks, months and years to come as the individuals needs changed based on their own personals health history and goals. Even though we are very similar as a species, everyone is still different enough that what works well for one person might not work for someone at all and that it might actually harm them.

Following these new general guidelines I lost an additional 50 pounds and have kept it off while simultaneously re-building my muscle mass and strength. These methods are gaining traction in the mainstream medical community but are still not widely recognized nor accepted. The science, research and anecdotal evidence and experiences of thousands continue to prove these ancestral principles and one day they will be accepted by most. As your health coach I will help you understand these ancestral health general guidelines and how to dial them in for you specifically! You can do this! You can live lean, strong and happy!


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Adam Wright

I re-educate those who have been mis-informed about what, when, and how much to eat, move and rest for weight loss, strength gains and overall optimal health. As your health coach, I will work one on one with you to help you find the best way for you to lose the weight, gain strength and improve your overall health, happiness and outlook on life. You can reach whatever fitness and nutrition goals you have set for yourself. There are general guidelines that apply to everyone but your personal fitness is personal and those guidelines must be tweaked and dialed in for you specifically. As your health coach i will help you figure out what your personal general guidelines are and how to adjust them when and if needed.



IIN & PHCI Health Coach
2017, 2018

BS Business Management, William Woods University, 2011

Master Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Specialist 2001

Work History

  • Manager CoxHealth Fitness Center Branson, Health Coach

  • Personal Trainer, Manager General Nutrition Centers

Activities & Affiliations

  • Volunteer at Boy Scouts of America

  • Triathlon organizer & competitor

  • Adventure race competitor

  • Power Lifting competitor.