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To Keto or not to Keto, that is the question!


To Keto or not to Keto, that is the question! A question was brought up to me recently about whether or not the Keto Diet is healthy or effective. My answer depends in part on how they are actually defining Keto. There is definitely a lot of differing opinions out there about Keto, what it is and how to do it such that many people are confused and rightfully so. I’ve been researching and experimenting with Keto myself quite a bit over the last year or so and in my opinion, Keto is totally and completely healthy and effective if done properly and tailored specifically to you and your situation. That is one part of Keto and many other eating patterns. You see, in the end they must be tailored specifically to you in order for it to be sustainable and effective for you. If you want or need to lose weight, Keto is especially helpful, and may even be the miracle weight loss toll you have been looking for. Additionally, Keto is healthy for many other reasons besides just weight/fat loss. Its good for your hear, brain, liver, pancreas and hormones just to highlight a few areas. However, it must be done correctly to reap all the benefits and none of the supposed side effects that so many people are concerned about. Does this mean you need to be on a Keto eating pattern the rest of your life? No, absolutely not, but i strongly suggest going in and out of ketosis regularly throughout your life (especially during the winter months as this is the time when our ancestors were most likely in ketosis naturally as food was scarce) to reap all its benefits. However, some of you may want or need to follow a Keto eating plan more regularly. It all depends on you personally.

As many of you may know, I’ve been n the fitness industry for about 20 years now. I’ve seen, heard, researched and experienced many of the weight loss and fitness belief systems out there. It’s my belief that following a “Primal Eating” pattern is closer to our genetic factory setting of keeping us lean, strong, healthy and happy than any other eating patter or diet program out there. That being said, "going Keto” is definitely part of following