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One Big Fat Loss Rule!

Generally speaking, if you want to lose body fat you must first become fat adapted and get your body preferring fat for fuel, not glucose!

This is done by first establishing and consuming the correct amount of dietary protein and carbohydrates for your needs/goals, then the rest (and majority) of your caloric intake comes from dietary fat. Based on how much body fat you want to lose and after you are truly fat adapted, you then lower the amount of dietary fat sufficiently enough such that any additional fat your body needs, it takes from itself (it’s own stored body fat)!

Do not raise your protein or carbohydrate consumption to compensate for the fat calories you have removed from your food. Simply lower your overall caloric intake by only lowering your fat intake. This will not work properly if you are not truly fat adapted. To become fat adapted you must do what I stated above with your macro-nutrients and a few other things listed below…

  • You must minimize the stress in your life the best you can.

  • Keep strength training workouts to a 30 minute minimum.

  • Keep cardio workouts at a heart rate training zone of 180 - your age, and less than 60 minutes in duration.

  • Get up and move around frequently at a slow pace each day.

  • Get adequate amounts of restful sleep. 8 hours is still a good number to shoot for here.

These are, of course, general guidelines and will need to be dialed in more specifically to each individual to be most effective.