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Grains, sugar and fat loss!

When I personally finally decided to test this theory of eliminating grains from my diet to lose body fat, I was amazed at just how quickly and almost effortlessly my excess weight began falling off.  I was losing 1-4 pounds per week from August 2017 to Christmas Day 2017.  I was even able to exercise less and the weight still kept falling off.  I am now a complete believer in eliminating all grains from the diet to expedite fat loss and prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes.  I forgot to mention that I starting having some blood sugar issues back in early 2017 which also encouraged me to make these changes.  My big toe on my right foot had the numb tingling feeling for a few months and I noticed a few other things as well.  I still believe grains are the staff of life in that like a staff, grains can be used when we need their caloric and carbohydrate support as in times of famine or winter when it is needed for survival because grains store so well and it is very difficult to find anything else to eat.

                Processed sugar (Candy) – Sugar from the occasional fruit or in low doses from vegetables is fine.  What I’m referring to here is completely removing any added or processed sugars, candy or junk food from your diet.  Stop eating cookies, cakes, pies, candy bars, and sweet drinks such as punch, tea, and soda.  You may however eat real treats in moderation such as berries, dark chocolate (85% or darker), grain & sugar free cookie, cakes or breads you make yourself with almond and/or coconut flour instead of wheat or other grain flour and Stevia, Erythritol, or Xylitol instead of white and/or brown sugar. 

Grains and sugar cause an increase in insulin production.Insulin is a very important and powerful hormone. Insulin is basically responsible for 2 main purposes. First, insulin stops all fat burning and 2nd it starts storing fats proteins and carbohydrates in our body tissues and organs. Generally speaking when our muscle and liver glycogen and protein storage capacity is full yet we are still eating those foods such that insulin is still be produced, then insulin will take all the extra food to the liver to be converted into triglycerides and then stored as body fat on our butt, hips, thighs and belly. Grain and sugar can also cause blood sugar fluctuations which lead to increased general overall appetite and a desire to eat more of the foods that lead to further blood sugar fluctuations hunger pains such as grains and candy. These blood sugar fluctuations due to a high grain and carbohydrate diet are largely responsible for cravings and just a general desire to eating every 2-3 hours instead of only 2-3 normal meals per day.

So, stop eating grains and candy if true and lasting fat loss is your main goal. After you have become fat adapted and lost the fat you wanted, you may be able to bring back in “some” candy in a smart way and still maintain your new body fat % while even improving muscle recovery and strength. But that is a post for another time.