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An educated, quality driven and dedicated professional, Adam Wright has spent the time to develop incredible and personalized programs to guide individuals he works with. Highly recommend!!!
— Don Wasielewski

He is 100% professional and knows exact what is needed for fitness.
— Deanna Hinnen

I’ve known Adam for almost 14 years, just from working out at the Branson Rec Plex. This spring I asked him for some help with lowering my body fat. Adam, through his incredible passion and knowledge in nutrition, completely changed my diet and eating habits. No cookie-cutter gimmicks, all science, and proven plans to get results. Its not easy to change how and when you eat, but if you can listen to Adam and be disciplined, he will put you on the WRIGHT track!
— Bryan Battaglia

I am a Zumba teacher, a yoga instructor and a singer-songwriter-instrumentalist in an indie pop band. I’m also a wife and mother of four children and one very large dog. I began working with Adam Wright after the birth of my second child when I was 27. I was 40 pounds overweight, in a funk, and dealing with severe post-partum depression. In 6 months working with Adam I was able to loose almost 50 pounds and gain lean muscle and energy. I kept the weight off for more than 5 years. I learned how to lift heavy, how to think about what I eat and how to focus on my goals while working with Adam. He was amazing at analyzing my food diaries and pushing me to tweak things for success. I loved the little tricks he would pull out to get me past plateaus. He is the real deal.
I’m now in my 40’s and I’ve maintained that healthy focus and determination through two more pregnancies and many life changes. I called up Adam earlier this year even though I now live several states away, because since the birth of my last child 5 years ago I haven’t been able to loose the last 20 pounds. I’ve worked with 5 personal trainers at a large gym, tried countless diets and cleanses and still couldn’t make the kind of progress I made with Adam in my 20’s. Within 5 weeks of phone conversations he was able to determine, through really listening to me and analyzing my food, exercise, and sleep diaries that something was off with my hormones. He recommended that I read a very specific book written by a woman with all of my symptoms who had found success working with a hormone specialist. Within a few weeks I was able to find the right kind of Doctor in my area who ran the necessary tests and discovered that I had exactly the condition that Adam suspected. I’m now receiving treatment for my hormone imbalance and I’m feeling better! It’s amazing to have a trainer who not only prescribes workouts and meal suggestions but who really tunes in to what is happening in my body and helps guide me to the diet and exercise that’s right for me! He has a gift.
— Evette Dutton

I thought for years that I could do this on my own. I’m an educated woman who knows how to eat right and be healthy. But I tried repeatedly and failed. And by “try” I mean I’ve done it all. HCG, Atkins, low carb, intermittent fasting, one meal a day....on and on and on. And yet I never really succeeded with any of them. I work out hard and have a great routine in place, but I needed additional support. Adam was my weightloss answer.
Working with him, I was able to find something that was sustainable FOR ME. Adam taught me the science behind what he was asking of me, which I appreciated. I like to know the “WHY” of things.
Adam developed a plan that worked for ME. Everybody’s body responds differently. He sat down and discussed my habits, lifestyle, successes and failures and with that information he tailored a plan that meant my needs. Over the weeks we tweaked that plan as we saw how my weightloss progressed or stalled.
Now 12 weeks in, I’m down 25 lbs and have found a lifestyle that is sustainable for me.
I needed the accountability. I needed someone in my corner helping on this journey. Thanks Adam for giving me the success I needed to make this work.
— Laura Miller